Experts broke the news: Installation of refrigerant pipes, or an important source of poor air conditioning and refrigeration and

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Experts broke the news: Installation of refrigerant pipes, or an important source of poor air conditioning and refrigeration and

Today, air-conditioning has become an essential household appliance for every household, but you may not know about such commonly used appliances. Why does the new air conditioner seem to have poor performance after several years of use? Why does the old air-conditioning pipe start to leak? Air-conditioning pipeline messy too ugly, is there no way to solve it, there will be security risks?
These can be said to be the common problems people face when they use air conditioners. In the face of consumer dissatisfaction and eagerness, can air-conditioning manufacturing companies provide effective solutions to allow users to use air conditioners for long periods of time without worrying about these trivial matters?
The Hidden Troubles of the Traditional Air Conditioning Installations Need to Be Upgraded
Experts pointed out that due to the traditional installation method of the domestic air-conditioning industry, the pipelines are random and random, allowing the sun to rain, and ordinary users lack the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain. With the passage of time, the air-conditioning pipes and lines will be aged and broken, and the heat-insulating materials will also be weathered and damaged. This will not only lead to sudden drop in air-conditioning performance, leakage of refrigerants, increased energy consumption, but also leakage, burning, and other safety issues. Hidden danger. In addition, in the traditional installation scheme, the color and shape design of the indoor unit connection pipe, and the arbitrary line settings are obviously far from the ordinary people's aesthetic requirements for home improvement. This kind of industry commonplace installation method has gradually failed to keep up Consumer demand.
At the moment, China is experiencing a wide range of consumption upgrade trends. In particular, home appliance companies have undergone a wave of evolutionary upgrades from product performance, additional functions, and designs, and consumers have also put forward higher requirements. According to Gao Bohai, Secretary General of China Quality Miles, China's quality is currently divided into three levels: first, quality of compliance, second, satisfactory quality, and third, high quality. Under the background of the upgrading of consumption in China, users increasingly value quality, and their demand is shifting from the quality of product reliability (quality of compliance) and timeliness of professional services (satisfactory quality) to the third level of quality and manufacturing. If enterprises can grasp this trend in time for their own use, it will inevitably win the initiative in the future market competition.
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