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Jiangxi Fuyimei Industrial Co., Ltd.

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About us
Main types of electrical appliances and accessories, the initial stage is the production and processing of refrigerators....
Jiangxi Fuyimei Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 by the current Chairman Zhou Zhou Security Self-financed fund of RMB 3 million. The company is located in the south section of Shanghaojia Road, West District of Baota Township Industrial Park, De'an County, and specializes in various electrical appliances and accessories. The initial stage is the production and processing of refrigerators and air-conditioners of various types of copper tubes, and the temperature controller condensers in refrigerators and air conditioners are widely used. The market has a very wide range of uses and the prospects are promising. The products are sold to Guangdong Foshan Tongbao and Zhejiang Huaheng. Zhejiang Fuyang, Yuyao Mingtong, Jiangsu Changzhou Ximate, Suzhou Venus, Jiangxi Tongda, Jiujiang Zhongheng, Jiujiang Hengtai, Jiangxi Lihe, and other more than 30 major manufacturers of thermostats and condensing factories in Guangdong, Hefei and other white goods bases, Another export to East Asia (such as South Korea, Japan) Europe, Africa and other regional countries, the profits of more than 15%, the annual sales from the 2009 100 tons / year to 2018 1200 tons / year.
In August 2014, it was approved by the Environmental Protection Department of Jiangxi Province on the environmental impact report of the tinning project of Jiangxi Fuyimei Industrial Co., Ltd. for the electronic and electrical switchgear extension project, and agreed to the construction and commissioning of the company's project.
Under the environment of environmental protection throughout the country, due to strict compliance with environmental protection requirements, our company runs production, leaving only two companies of the same type. As a result, our company has enhanced the automation of equipment upgrades and simplified process renewal, so that the country’s quality and output are leading the country. Single production to delivery, the company embarked on a healthy development track!
As China's market is open and its national strength is strong, more and more foreign companies come to China to purchase copper pipes. Our company will continue to improve its own management and create its own brand. Expand the company's scale to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, forge ahead, and meet the more brilliant tomorrow of Fuyi.